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DBA Electric, Inc., is a licensed general electrical contractor, installer, automation control systems designer and manufacturer. We provide engineered solutions, servicing the commercial and agricultural industries, as well as the residential sector. We are C-10 licensed and one of the few UL-approved electrical companies on the Central Coast.

To find out more about our Alarm & Security services please visit us at our new website: DBA Alarm & Security

The Salinas Valley Industrial Automation Resource Center

A collection of people, experience, products, and services delivering a single source of reliable local support for all your industrial automation needs.

DBA Electric, Inc., located in Salinas, CA, is delighted to announce the creation of The Salinas Valley Industrial Automation Resource Center: A collection of people, experience, products, and services dedicated to serving the Salinas Valley and the Greater Monterey Bay Area in the field of Industrial Automation Engineering and Electrical Services. At DBA Electric, we have assembled a team of individuals who collectively have over 55 years experience in every aspect of the design, build, installation, and maintenance of Industrial Automation Control Systems. In fact, our staff members have instructed over 2300 individuals from dozens of industries on the use of automation control and information systems to enrich the production process and increase profitability. We design and build some of the most beautiful UL Listed electrical panels this side of the Pinnacles, and we use best-in-class components to ensure a long life of reliability. The diversity and depth of our application knowledge means we can be a cost effective resource to assist in your automation control directives.

It is our passion at DBA Electric to enhance the manufacturing, facility, or process control experience in each and every person who may encounter our products or services. This means electricians, maintenance managers, control engineers, operators, plant managers, CFO’s, and buyers are all our customers and our mission is the same for all of you: DBA Electric wants to ensure your automation control experience is a satisfying one. We are committed to providing our local industry a reliable resource for industrial automation engineering, electrical panel design and build, system maintenance, and employee training. Read more to see how you can use DBA Electric to be your resource for automation excellence.

Basically, our services support the 2 basic needs of any manufacturing or process facility:

  • The daily grind of troubleshooting problems and maintaining efficient operations of existing systems in order to provide the optimum performance of those systems. Our Industrial Automation Electrical Services are specifically tailored to meet a variation of plant maintenance and operation requirements and are scalable to your budget and needs.
  • Automation enhancements and additions that improve the performance, quality, or flexibility of your operation or information to meet the new demands of today’s competitive environment and government regulations. These services fall under our Automation Engineering Solutions group and provide superior automation control solutions that harmonize equipment – process – people to obtain the optimum control environment for all.